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As 5 million Canadians already know, CAA helps protect you when life doesn’t go as planned.
To help protect your pet, we offer an exclusive pet insurance program to help cover the costs of unexpected illnesses and accidents.

I am looking for basic coverage for accidents only. I can cover the costs of illness treatment out of pocket:

The Compact Plan will cover 100% of veterinary costs incurred due to an Accident, up to a total payment of $2,000 per incident!

I want a safety net for unexpected vet bills but I need to stay on a budget:

For those on a budget, unexpected veterinary bills can create a difficult and stressful situation. Let CAA Pet Health Insurance take the worry off your shoulders. The Intermediate Plan is a good option for pet owners that want broad coverage at an affordable price.

I want mid-range coverage and am comfortable with paying excesses out of pocket if necessary:

Studies have shown that the coverage offered by the Intermediate Plan will be sufficient for the average pet. In the event your pet is “above-average”, CAA Pet Health Insurance will pay out $2,500 per year toward the cost of treatment.

I want comfortable limits and I am willing to pay a bit more to ensure I have the coverage I need:

The Luxury Plan has a generous annual limit of $4,500 and includes coverage for important extras such as dental cleanings.

Coverage for dental care/cleanings is important to me:

Along with $4,500 annual coverage for illness and accidents, the Luxury Plan includes industry-leading comprehensive dental coverage of $200 per year.

My breed is prone to costly common conditions and/or vet costs are high in my area:

Veterinary costs tend to be highest in large metropolitan areas. If you live in a major city – or if you know you own a higher-risk breed, we suggest the Luxury Plan to ensure you can provide the best care for your furry family member, no matter the circumstances.

I have an older pet (dog over 8 or cat over 10):

Veterinary expenses rise sharply once your pet becomes a senior, so CAA Pet Health Insurance does not accept new applications for dogs over 8 or cats over 10 years. If your pet is almost a senior – act fast!

Dental health for pets may be lesser-known, but it’s just as important as other forms of veterinary care. With 70% of cats and dogs over the age of three years having some form of dental disease, a homecare program of brushing your pet’s teeth can help. Pet-friendly toothpastes, gels and rinses to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and plaque-free are widely available.

Need help finding a pet insurance plan for your pet? We can help with that. Chat with one of our experienced insurance advisor experts today.

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Some coverage is subject to a waiting period, as noted in clause VII. Policy Administration. Pre-existing conditions or conditions which occur during the waiting period will be excluded from your policy, as noted in clause, V. Policy Specific Exclusions. This policy also contains clauses, which affect coverage. This can be found in clause, IV. What We Do Not Cover and VI. General Conditions. Please review the Policy Wordings for additional details.

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